What Is Optimal Neck Support Brace?

Optimal Neck Support Brace has been on the market for 10 year’s be rest assured you are getting the best neck support brace on the market. I have tried all neck support braces on the market there is nothing that worked for me. I have a condition called Torticollis now they call it drop head syndrome. I have tried all other neck braces that are mass produced in another country that either broke or just didn’t work for me. Look around at other neck braces online be sure to book mark this website before you leave so you can come back. Optimal neck support brace is endorsed for many conditions including ALS – Parkinson’s and any drop head syndrome condition.

6 different Supports

Its a neck support brace system with interchangeable front supports to adjust for a longer or shorter neck, in the packaging you will receive 6 different supports that simply pull out and push back in for adjustment in the front, The back has a hook n loop Velcro strap that makes it is easy to take off and put back on. Optimal neck support brace is made in the USA by hand. be aware of products made outside the USA.

Neck Support Brace

Optimal Neck Support Brace is designed and invented to keep your head in a upright position without degrading the muscle tone from restricted movement.

It is very low profile and unique in its design unlike any other neck support on the market. Optimal Neck Brace is made of flexible synthetic tubing allowing full range of motion of the head with 360 degree support as needed. The neck collar can be worn for long periods of time and can be used for many neck conditions or injuries. It also improves posture and aid with balance and neck fatigue. Replacing other displeasing neck devices on the market today, Optimal Neck Support Brace is completely waterproof. With its low profile flexible design, you can do all your daily activities with the brace on making optimal Neck Brace the neck support of choice.

Ranked the best neck support brace on the market today.

Optimal Neck Support Brace was clinically tested ,Go to www.disabilityreports.org to see results they gave it 5 Stars,

What are the Features of Optimal Neck Support Brace?

– You can wear the neck collar for a long period of time.
– Unlike some neck braces, it looks nice.
– It is comfortable to wear and is breathable to be worn in any climate, hot, cold or in between.
– The head is fully supported and help upright.
– You can still move around freely and easily while the head and neck are protected from pain and movement.
– It is waterproof, so when you wash up, you don’t have to be concerned about it getting wet.
– Doctor recommended
– It looks nice and it has a low profile.
– Posture can be improved using the neck brace.
– The vertical support links are interchangeable in the front of the brace and there are 4 sizes to easily adjust the height of the brace.
– You can easily hide the fact that you are wearing a brace.

Before and after using Neck support brace

The Optimal Neck Support Brace is a low profile neck brace support that allows for natural movement of the head while still providing embracing neck support. The Optimal Neck Support Brace is made of flexible synthetic tubing and cushioning support, and is lightweight and water-resistant. It is a great solution to provide support in the pool and shower.  

The Optimal Neck Support Brace comes in three different sizes and comes with six (6) extension lengths to accommodate the most comfortable fit.  The extension lengths allow the user to heighten or shorten the Optimal Neck Support Brace for the desired head lift.

To determine the best size, measure the circumference of the neck.

  • Small: 12-14.4 inches
  • Medium: 14.5- 16.5 inches
  • Large: Over 16.5 inches

Included in the Optimal Neck Brace order and shipment:

  • Optimal Neck Brace (size as ordered and packaged as pictured)
  • Set of extensions: 6 sizes
  • Instructions for the best fit
  • Contact and coupon code for future purchases
  • And just maybe some additional fun or supporting adds

The Optimal Neck Support Brace supports most neck conditions and injuries that require neck support. In addition to standard neck support, the Optimal Neck Support Brace helps posture improvement, aids balance, and supports neck fatigue.  The Optimal Neck Support Brace design supports individuals at their current range of motion and ability and advisement: active, limited, and still.

We embrace you and any questions or help you may need. Please contact us at support@optimalnecksupportbrace.com with any questions. 

For those looking for Shane’s Neck Brace, it is now called the Optimal Neck Support Brace. We are now manufacturing and selling for Shane’s Neck Brace and any neck brace support by Shane.

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