Comfortable. Lightweight. Waterproof. Nonrestricting.

Optimal Neck Support Brace

Invented for people who can’t hold their head upright.


A Professional Medical Opinion…

“I have known Shane Peters now for approximately ten years. He has been my patient for just as long. When he came to me, he was suffering from severe Torticollis, which is stiffening of the neck muscles drawing the head to one side with the chin pointing (usually) toward the other side, and appeared to be a tonic state (or permanent). Various methods of treatment were tried in an effort to rectify this, but to no avail.  Shane had been working on a project of making a neck brace out of stiff yet flexible tubing, and over the past year has perfected it. He has told me that he now has a patent on it and hopes to be able to market it. Shane has worn one of these braces he made for the past several months, and has been able to hold his head erect, and feel more confident.

In my observation over the past several months, he has definitely improved, has described less discomfort in his neck, and has a better outlook on life. It appears that he has a good product that can help other people with this condition, or for any condition that a good supportive neck brace would be needed. It is also adjustable so that it can fit anyone. I commend him for his work and foresight, and I recommend it.”

Sincerely, Carley Harston


Doctor Recommended Neck Brace for

Diagnoses that May Cause the Neck Muscles to Weaken

  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • Any Neck Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Carnitine Deficiency
  • Cervical Dystonia
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Drop Head
  • Guillian-Barré Syndrome
  • Hyperparathyroidism
  • Motor Neuron Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Myotonic Dystrophy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Patients that can’t hold their head in a upright position
  • Scoliosis
  • Spasmodic Torticollis
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Torticollis

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Optimal Neck Support Brace is designed to keep your head in an upright position without degrading the muscle tone from restricted movement.

The Optimal Neck Support Brace is designed to offer unparalleled support while maintaining a low-profile appearance, distinguishing it from other neck braces on the market. This brace, crafted from flexible synthetic tubing, ensures full head motion with 360-degree support, crucial for maintaining muscle tone and preventing stiffness. Its unique construction is lightweight, water-resistant, and perfect for use in wet environments like pools and showers.

Prioritizing comfort for extended wear, the Optimal Neck Support Brace is suitable for various neck conditions and injuries. It not only provides support but also aids in improving posture, balance, and alleviating neck fatigue. Its waterproof nature sets it apart from other less appealing options, ensuring functionality and comfort even in challenging conditions.

The Optimal Neck Support Brace’s design focuses on keeping the head in an upright position without restricting movement, thereby preserving muscle strength. This feature, coupled with its discreet and efficient design, makes it the preferred choice for those seeking effective neck support without compromising on daily activities and aesthetics.

Get The Support You Need

What are the Features of Optimal Neck Support Brace?

To determine the best size, measure the circumference of the neck.

Included in the Optimal Neck Brace order and shipment

Optimal Neck Brace

Set of extensions: 6 sizes

Instructions for the best fit

Contact and coupon code for future purchases


    Small: 12-14.4 inches

    Medium: 14.5- 16.5 inches

    Large: Over 16.5 inches



    Long-term comfort

    Attractive and breathable design

    Supports head, allows freedom

    Waterproof and adjustable

    Doctor recommended for posture

    Low-profile for discretion

    Doctor & Customer Approved

    Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

    This brace has been a true blessing. My husband, battling ALS at 75, faces significant neck muscle weakness and reduced bone flexibility. Of all the supports we’ve tried, this one stands out for its comfort and functionality. Its easy adjustability showcases the brilliance of your design, perfectly accommodating his need for minimal head tilt without causing pain. It offers far greater stability than soft cervical collars and avoids the discomfort associated with more rigid options like the Philadelphia collar. Clearly, only someone who understands neck issues could have created such a solution. We’re deeply grateful for this invention that has enhanced both his safety and quality of life.

    Thank you immensely for this significant contribution to my husband’s well-being.

    Susan and Emil

    I discovered “Shane’s Brace” in the NSTA Quarterly’s fall issue and was amazed to find Shane, its creator, lives in my hometown of Scottsdale, AZ. I reached out and met him the very next day. Shane crafted a custom-fitted brace for me, complete with extra parts and a striking bright pink brace cover.

    I’ve worn it for a week, noticing significant head and neck support and improved posture. It’s particularly comfortable for driving, long computer sessions, and meetings where I usually struggle with spasms. Compared to other neck supports, Shane’s Brace maintains a more natural position. A big thanks to Shane for his innovation and for extending his technology to those with Cervical Dystonia/Spasmodic Torticollis or similar challenges.


    I’ve educated ALS communities for 30 years. Recently, Shane Peters introduced me to his innovative neck brace. Aware of the challenges ALS patients face—head support, tilt, turning, drooling, weight, durability—I was eager to evaluate it.

    I was thrilled to find the neck brace perfectly meets market needs.

    A patient in California, who had tried numerous neck supports, and their family were initially doubtful but now are delighted with SHANE’S Neck Brace. This neckbrace is waterproof and comfortable, it allows the patient to tilt and rotate his head easily, thanks to its lightweight design. I plan to incorporate SHANE’S Neck Brace into my national education programs.

    Mary Beth Geise

    RN, ALS Nurse Consultant and Training Specialist

    I am Olga, a patient who suffers from constant neck pain.

    I was looking for a method that would help my neck and upper back to be more supported. The day that I tried Shane’s Neck Brace, my wish came true!

    This brace gives me the support I need, without feeling choked, hot, or that I have something tied around my neck.

    I truly recommend Shane’s Neck Brace to anybody who experiences pain or is instructed to keep this part of the body firm for recovery purposes.

    I wish I knew about Shane’s Optimal Neck Support Brace many years ago. Thank you, Shane!

    Sincerely, Olga

    My wife has ALS and her neck muscles are very weak. We ordered Shane’s Optimal Neck Support Brace because it was the only water proof brace we could find and we needed something to help keep her head up while we wash her hair. This brace has worked very well.

    Thank You, James B

    I just wanted to say thank you for this brace. I am 39 and have suffered from chronic neck pain for the last four years. I have had 3 surgeries in the last 3 years. I purchased your brace to help support my neck while I mow. I LOVE to mow and probably mow around 8 acres. I am on the lawn mower several hours at a time (which I couldn’t do before the brace). I am amazed at the support I get from the brace. Thanks to you I did not have to give up something that I love to do! If I can help you in any way please let me know.

    Thank You, Kevin S.

    Hello Shane!

    I have used your neck brace off and on for about 2 years now. I have cervical dystonia and in the difficult periods when effects from medical treatment (botox injections) I use it for a couple of days/ a week. It works great, really stabilizes the neck for me. Lately I turned the brace around, with the straps in the front. It feels more like it suits my dystonia, since I want the brace to pull my head down a bit. Actually, for me this solution feels even better than the other one, with the straps in the back. There is maybe a little bit less stabilization,  but the posture I get is still very good and I also feel like there is more freedom to twist the head. Have you heard someone else who prefers to wear it with the straps in the front??? Anyway. It has helped me a lot in the most difficult days.

    Thanks A Lot!!!

    Nancy H.

    Hi Shane!! So sorry it took me so long to respond back to you.  My clinic has been so busy as I am the only PT left supervising 2 PT assistants.  The neck collar worked amazingly and my client responded well to it.  Because my client has autism in addition to muscular dystrophy, he has difficulty with sensory changes but liked the buoyancy and support the neck collar provided and has worn it for two 45 minute feeding sessions and several lunch sessions without verbal resistance.  Below is a testimony from his speech therapist who was the provider that came to me initially regarding his recent difficulty with eating solid foods.   Thanks so much for everything!

    “I most recently used the neck collar with a young boy diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and autism. Prior to using the collar, his head would be in a chin tuck while eating which made chewing and swallowing more difficult and put him at increased risk for aspiration. With the collar in place, his head is now in a neutral position which safely allows him to eat his favorite solid foods while at school and at home.”

    Michael Schow

    CCC-SLP, Laurens Institute For Education

    Just wanted to thank you for the neck brace. Bud wears it whenever he is traveling around in his wheelchair or in the car. It keeps his head completely erect and in an upright position comfortably. Because its a waterproof neck brace, it’s also solved the perspiration problem. It’s so light and allows for good circulation. After trying several other products this is the best brace we’ve come across.

    Thank You, Ross Hanley

    The brace is so light and comfortable for me. I use it when ever I’m in a car or in one of my wheel chairs. I showed it to the staff of my ALS clinic a couple of weeks ago and they loved it. Several PT’s came in to see it. Many copied the website address as well. So glad you posted your brace on the ALS forum.

    Thank You, Beck H

    Medical Recommendation

    Dr Recommended Neck Brace For Weak or injured neck muscles

    Why are Neck Braces Recommended by Doctors?

    Cervical Disc Degeneration is a very painful disorder and also one of the most common reasons people have neck pain or a stiff neck. Unfortunately, it can present itself due to aging. As you age, the vertebrae lose strength and this can create problems with the neck disc and other vertebrae. Flexibility decreases and shock becomes difficult for the neck to absorb.  This is what leads to neck pain.

    Using a high quality neck brace will help to control the pain and in some cases, alleviate it altogether when worn. Keeping the neck in one position will help relieve pressure from the muscles. The risk of movement increasing the pain is eliminated, providing comfort to the neck pain patient.

    A neck brace will help with the pain and provide much needed support after a surgical procedure. Non-movement will control the pressure on the neck muscles and offer comfort to the patient.

    Neck collars are also prescribed for accident patients.  Trauma to the neck muscles can cause pain that requires support. A neck brace is useful not only for these conditions but others as well.  There are many other disorders that neck collars can help with.

    What Will Optimal Neck Support Brace Do for You?

    Neck collars, including the Optimal Neck Support Brace, offer numerous benefits and have a variety of uses. These devices are primarily designed to support the neck, spinal cord, and head. Doctors often recommend them for patients who have suffered from trauma, stiff neck, or need spinal cord realignment. Regardless of the specific reason or prescription, using a neck brace can significantly relieve pain.

    Doctors might also suggest a neck cervical collar for realigning the spinal cord after injuries such as sprains, whiplash, or other trauma. Whiplash, for instance, can damage spinal tissues and neck muscles. Using a neck brace like Shane’s can ease the pain associated with various neck disorders and injuries.

    Shane’s neck brace is particularly beneficial for individuals with herniated discs, tumors, or other neck issues. Its increasing popularity among orthotists is due to its non-invasive nature, offering pain relief without the risks associated with surgery.

    It’s important to remember that self-diagnosis of neck problems is not advisable. Always consult a doctor before using any neck brace, even if it comes doctor-recommended. Additionally, ensure that you use the device as prescribed and follow all instructions carefully to avoid further injury or worsening your condition.

    If diagnosed with a relevant condition, your doctor may recommend a neck brace like the Optimal Neck Support Brace to assist in your recovery.

    Best neck brace


    Can you wear the Optimal Neck Support Brace for a long period of time?

    Yes, you can wear the Optimal Neck Support Brace for extended periods, though initially, you may need to gradually increase the duration due to pressure on the chest, collarbone, and chin, which can cause some tenderness. This discomfort typically diminishes within a week or two of consistent use. To mitigate tenderness, try wearing the brace without extensions for slight support. Alternatively, you can wear the brace until tenderness arises, then take breaks until discomfort subsides, gradually building tolerance. This approach is also useful during therapy or recovery when minimal support is desired.

    What recommendations can you make for the fit and comfort?

    The Optimal Neck Support Brace offers customizable comfort and support to address users’ unique head and neck challenges, which may stem from various traumas, diseases, or injuries. It’s important to allow time for adjustment, typically a couple of weeks, as both the body and brace adapt to each other. During this period, users may experience some tenderness, which gradually diminishes with consistent wear. The brace’s flexible materials conform to the user’s neck over time, enhancing comfort. To aid in adjustment, users can try different extensions, manipulate the foam, adjust positioning, or bend areas as needed. For personalized assistance, users are encouraged to reach out to us, recognizing the individuality of each customer’s experience with head and neck challenges.

    How do you clean the Optimal Neck Support Brace?

    To clean the Optimal Neck Support Brace, use mild soap and water on a cloth to wipe the foam base and extensions. Alternatively, a pre-moistened material with a gentle cleansing agent can be used. Dry the brace with a soft cloth or allow it to air dry. For the hook and loop strap, use a clean cloth to prevent fibers from sticking to it. Air dry or use a hairdryer on a cool setting to avoid heat damage.

    What if the strap loses the strength of ‘stickiness’?

    If the strap loses stickiness, clean it as instructed. If the stickiness doesn’t improve, consider ordering a new strap from the Optimal online shop. This issue is more common among female customers due to hair and body products, as well as long hair, which can coat the hook and loop, affecting its strength.

    What if a larger extension is needed?

    An Optimal Neck Support Brace order includes six (6) extension sizes, covering 98% of customer needs. For larger extensions or custom cut requests, contact Optimal Health to arrange for a minimal-cost option that includes materials, shipping, and handling. Please reach out to us with your custom size request.

    Please contact us if you have any questions at all! 

    For those looking for Shane’s Neck Brace, it is now called the Optimal Neck Support Brace. We are now manufacturing and selling for Shane’s Neck Brace and any neck brace support by Shane.