About Us

Shane Peters
Shane with his latest prototype brace

Shane Peter’s is the inventor of the Optimal Neck Support Brace product line. He created these products and has had them on the market for 11 years. He has been working in this field for over 11 years and understand different neck deformities and issues people have to face while wearing a neck brace. The braces he has invented were out of necessity because he has a condition called torticollis which results in his chin resting on the right side of his chest. This condition is commonly now called drop head syndrome. He went years trying different neck support braces and nothing commercially available would hold up his head. The Optimal Neck Support Brace is the best neck support brace on the market endorsed for many conditions and allowing full range of motion without degrading the muscle tone in the neck from restricted movement. While wearing this brace, it allows you the freedom to do anything without limitations or restrictions.

Be aware of other neck support braces on the market that are mass produced and have inferior quality.​

Why Us

We have the team of specialists that have been working on Optimal neck support brace for years. From the support it will provide to the material that will be used in the production of the brace, everything has been tested several times to assure that our patients will get the best result.

We have introduced a perfect solution for the individuals that need support of their head and neck. From drop head syndrome to any head and neck related issue, neck brace will provide you the support that you are looking for. It has been designed in such a way that you will get support without the unattractive bulk of a traditional neck brace.

Our vision

Optimal neck support brace is a revolutionary product. It has been designed in such a way that it will perfectly fit all sizes and you will not have to get measured. Waterproof technology will keep your skin protected. It will properly resist sweat and moisture so you will not have to deal with any irritation or allergies.​

Quality control

The product has been manufactured in the USA in the hands of the experts to assure it’s quality. The brace must undergo numerous quality checks to assure it’s craftsmanship. For this reason we can confidently provide our customers with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee in they are not satisfied with the neck brace. Our mission is to assure that you will get the satisfaction and comfort without restriction.​

Manufacturer part number SNB-L1003 Pending Patent.

Stability Neck Brace is an Arizona based company that specializes in neck support braces.

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