Can you wear the Optimal Neck Support Brace for a long period of time?

Yes, you can wear the Optimal Neck Support Brace for an extended duration. Although, when you first start using the Optimal Neck Support Brace, you may need to work up to that long duration. Since the Optimal Neck Support Brace places new pressure on the chest, collar bone, and chin area, you may experience a little tenderness in the beginning. This tenderness is normal and will subside with continued use in a week or two.

If there is too much tenderness or the neck is feeling a little too tight, start wearing the Optimal Neck Support Brace without the extensions. Although this does not provide a steady hold, it does offer a little lift and pressure.  This step may help the user become more accustomed to the Optimal Neck Support Brace. Note, this is also a recommendation when the user desires very little support or when one is transition off using neck brace support through your therapy or recovery.

Another option is to wear the Optimal Neck Support Brace until the tenderness occurs, and then take a break from using it. Repeat this process until the skin tenderness stops, and the user can wear it continuously.

What recommendations can you make for the fit and comfort?

The Optimal Neck Support Brace is designed with flexibility and adjustability so users can gain the best fit and comforting support. As amazingly created humans are head and neck structures are standard yet still uniquely ours. The challenges we each face in this world are very personal, including our experience with head and neck challenges. And unfortunately, many have experienced different traumas, diseases, or injuries that created the need for a neck brace. We recommend taking some time to find the right adjustment and best balance for the individual user’s unique needs.

Like any brace, it may take a couple of weeks to get it to the point of fully embracing comfort. The original design of the human body did not include braces placing pressure on them. Often the body and the brace need little time to get used to the pressured relationship. Therefore, expect a little tenderness in the first two (2) weeks. Optimal recommends wearing the Optimal Neck Support Brace to comfort every day within the first two weeks. The transition period will allow the body to become accustomed to the pressure and time for the Optimal Neck Support Brace to soften and form to the users head and neck.  The tenderness will lessen and eventually go away, and the Optimal Neck Support Brace will become increasingly more comfortable. The flexible materials in the Optimal Neck Support Brace have some memory, and over time the Optimal Neck Support Brace will form to the individual user’s neck. It gets increasingly more embracing.

If needed, you can take the following steps to help break in the Optimal Neck Support Brace or adjust to your needs.

  • Try a lower or higher extension.
  • Break in the foam by squeezing it or rolling the Optimal Neck Support Brace around a little.
  • Move the Optimal Neck Support Brace to get some of the stiffness out.
  • Bend or straighten in needed areas for the user’s particular neck structure.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance. We are here to support as we know how uniquely personal each of our customer’s stories and experience with their head and neck challenges.

How do you clean the Optimal Neck Support Brace?

Clean the foam base of the Optimal Neck Support Brace with mild soap and water using a cloth to wipe the base and extensions. You can also use a pre-moistened material that has a gentle cleansing agent. To dry, wipe it down with a soft dry cloth or let it sit to air dry.

If you want to clean the hook and loop strap, it is best to use a clean old rag or a cloth that does not have a lot of pith, as you want to assure that the extra threads or material does not stick to the hook and loop. It is best to air dry or use a cool setting (no heat) of a hairdryer.

What if the strap loses the strength of ‘stickiness’?

If the strap losses stickiness, follow the instructions above and clean the strap and see if that improves the strength of stickiness. If not, it is time to order a new strap at the Optimal online shop.

This loss of stickiness has been reported more often by women customers. Hair and body products and long hair can coat the hook and loop and impact the strength of the stick.


What if a larger extension is needed?

An Optimal Neck Support Brace order includes six (6) different extension sizes, which meets 98% of customer needs. Yet, if you need larger extensions for a more significant head lift or if you have a custom cut request, Optimal Health is happy to send, for a minimal cost to cover materials, shipping, and handling. Please contact us with your custom size request.

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