Best Cervical Collar Neck Brace for Muscular Dystrophy


Dealing with Muscular Dystrophy ?  With its innovative design, get quality sleep free from neck pain and stress with the best soft Muscular Dystrophy neck brace.  Order your neck cervical collar now.

Muscular Dystrophy Neck Brace

Need a Neck Brace for Muscular Dystrophy?

Muscular Dystrophy is one of the symptoms that causes severe weakness to the neck muscles. A Muscular Dystrophy Neck Brace will help prevent further injury to the neck. Damage is caused by radiation fibrosis, muscle degeneration and other conditions. Also, it can result from an increase in muscle tone of the neck flexion muscles. Austere cases, can result in a chin on chest deformity can inhibit the ability to look straight ahead.

Generally, this is not a fixed condition and can be corrected by lying on the back, having someone passively range the head back for a few minutes or by using various head support devices. Regularly it is seen isolated from a myelopathy involving the spinal cord or myopathy in the elderly and can result from severe degenerative disease of the cervical spine.

Occasionally It’s called the isolated neck extensor myopathy (pathology of the muscles) when seen in absence of a general neuromuscular disorder. Furthermore, dropped head syndrome can bring degenerative changes or cause changes in the cervical spine and possibly result in myelopathy. Dropped head syndrome can increase the risk of falls due to the ineptitude of not being able to see clearly when walking, therefore, head support can be an integral part of management, increasing quality of life



What Makes the Optimal Neck Support Brace Different?

Neck braces come in soft and hard varieties. Unlike its harder version, soft cervical collars like the Optimal Neck Support Brace only mildly restrict the neck’s range of motion. Made of flexible synthetic tubing, the Optimal Neck Support Brace is designed to allow both full range of motion and 360 degree support for its wearer, helping prevent degrading muscle tone in the neck.

The Best Neck Brace Cervical Collars for Muscular Dystrophy Pain!

Generally, wearing a neck brace for sleeping isn’t recommended. However, many find that wearing a neck brace during bedtime helps relieve some neck pain and prevents excessive neck motion. Which is why it is recommended to wear the Muscular Dystrophy Neck Brace during sleep. When it comes to choosing a neck brace for sleeping, comfort and support are the two most important factors to consider. In addition to  its low profile flexible design, the Optimal Neck Support Brace is both waterproof and extremely breathable. As a result, it can be worn for extended periods of time, making it the most optimal neck support of choice for sleeping. However, it is highly recommended to check with your physician about wearing the Optimal Neck Support Brace during bedtime.


Sleeping with a Neck Brace

If you are dealing with Muscular Dystrophy, sleeping with a cervical collar can have its challenges. We have a few tips for sleeping safely with the Optimal Neck Support Brace to ensure you still get the high-quality sleep that your body needs:

Sleep on Your Back

It is recommended to sleep on your back unless instructed to sleep in another position by your physician.

Use a Firm Mattress

A soft mattress that is too soft may not offer the most optimal neck and spinal support.

Make Sure Your Neck Brace Fits Properly

Wearing an incorrect size won’t offer the right support to help keep your neck in a neutral position.

Use a Single Supportive Pillow

Sleeping on extra pillows can bend and put more pressure on your neck.

Learn the Log Roll Technique

If done correctly, the Log Roll Technique is a helpful method that teaches you how to gently roll in and out of bed without stressing your neck.

People also Ask…

Muscular Dystrophy Neck Brace

Can you get Muscular Dystrophy at any age?

Muscular Dystrophy can occur at any age, but most diagnoses occur in childhood. Young boys are more likely to have this disease than girls.

What causes Muscular Dystrophy?

Muscular Dystrophy is caused by genetic mutations that interfere with the production of muscle proteins that are needed to build and maintain healthy muscles. The causes are genetic. A family history of muscular dystrophy will increase the chance of it affecting an individual.

What’s the difference between MS and Muscular Dystrophy?Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is a group of genetic disorders that gradually weakens and damages the muscles. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an immune-mediated disorder of the central nervous system that disrupts communication between the brain and body and within the brain itself.  The absence of this protein can cause problems with walking, swallowing, and muscle coordination.

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“I have only had this neck brace for a few days, but I have found it to be comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time AND rigid enough to actually prevent poor positioning of the neck and head. Making adjustments for fit and comfort is easy, in terms of both tightness around the neck and the amount of support the brace provides.“

Jay Buckley

“I am a senior citizen. I have cervical vertebrae deterioration resulting in a weak neck with serious neck pain. At my age I am afraid to risk the possible side effects of neck surgery. I found the Optimal neck brace on the internet. I’ve worn this brace for a year, day and night (yes, even during sleep) and absolutely love it. After a few days you’ll hardly know it’s there except for the comfort it affords. This brace is cool, lightweight and non-restrictive. I feel undressed without it. I wear it even when doing neck exercises. Unlike similar devices it ‘s not unattractive. It supports my head but doesn’t weaken the neck muscles. I made several colored covers for it by cutting the top and bottom out of tube socks. The bulky, ugly, hot brace that Medicare provides went in the trash. Shane Peters is a genius for inventing this device! That’s my story and I’ll stick to it!.“


“I bought this for my father, who has dropped head syndrome. It’s by far the best neck brace for him (and we’ve tried a lot!). It provides air circulation, and is very comfortable. Other neck braces are designed to just stabilize the neck/head, which caused a lot of pressure on my father’s jaw. Shanes Neck Brace is comfortable, supportive, and easy to use. We had to request longer tubes to adjust the brace to the right height, and Shane replied immediately and shipped them out right away. Great customer service and great product.“

Lily Yangon