Hello Shane!

I have used your neck brace off and on for about a year now. I have cervical dystonia and in the difficult periods when effects from medical treatment (botox injections) I use it for a couple of days/ a week. It works great, really stabilizes the neck for me. Lately I turned the brace around, with the straps in the front. It feels more like it suits my dystonia, since I want the brace to pull my head down a bit. Actually, for me this solution feels even better than the other one, with the straps in the back. There is maybe a little bit less stabilization  but the posture I get is still very good and I also feel like there is more freedom to twist the head. Have you heard someone else who prefers to wear it with the straps in the front??? Anyway. It has helped me a lot in the most difficult days.

Thanks A Lot!!!
Nancy H.

I have been a  Educator for people with ALS for over 30 years.

Recently, I was introduced to a neck brace developed by Shane Peters. Knowing how terribly difficult it is for patients to support their heads and the issues with tilt, turning, drooling, weight and durability – I wanted to check this out.

How excited was I to see that the Neck Brace was just what the market is looking for.

I had a patient in California – who had almost every neck support imaginable. The patient and family was skeptic but are thrilled to have SHANES Neck Brace. It is water proof and has provided the patient with comfort, still allowing him to tilt his chin, rotate his head and so light weight. I will be adding SHANE’S Neck Brace in my Education programs nationally.

Mary Beth Geise, RN
ALS Nurse Consultant and Training Specialist
Greensboro, NC 27455

Neck Brace Review from DisabilityReports.org
Torticollis Dystonia Neck Support Brace

I read about “Shane’s Brace” in the NSTA Quarterly (fall) issue & was shocked to learn this young man lives in MY hometown… Scottsdale, AZ. I emailed Shane immediately inquiring about his brace & met with him the next day. He had tailored a brace to fit my size neck and included extra interchangeable parts & a sexy BRIGHT PINK cover for the brace.

This gentleman started experimenting to make a brace for himself as he also suffers from Torticollis/Dystonia. The Brace is light weight & adjustable & I have been wearing it for about a week. It supports the head and neck quite adequately & my posture is improved when wearing it. It is very comfortable especially when driving, sitting in front of the computer for extended periods of time or at a meeting when I generally start having spasms & getting “fidgety”. I have experimented with some other neck collars & braces and Shane’s Brace appears to support the head & neck in a more natural position. Thank you Shane for meeting with me & sharing your technology with people who suffer from Cervical Dystonia/Spasmodic Torticollis or perhaps other cervical or neck challenges.


Neck Pain relief

I am Olga, a patient who suffers of constant neck pain. I have received therapy and other alternative methods to try to manage this pain during the day & night.

I was looking for a method that would help my neck and upper back to be more supported without feeling chocked or tied around my neck. The day that I tried Shane’s Neck Brace, my wish came true!

This brace gives me the support I need, without feeling chocked, feeling hot or feeling that I have something tied around my neck; even during the neck when I sleep with it; is so comfortable.
I truly recommend Shane’s Neck Brace to anybody who experiences pain or is instructed to keep this part of the body firm for recovery purposes.

I wish I knew about Shane’s Optimal Neck Support Brace many years ago, I believe my body and neck would have felt better a long time ago. Thank you Shane!



Dear Shane – This brace is a God-send.
My husband has ALS and his neck muscles are very weak. He’s 75, so the old neck bones are not as flexible as they once were! This brace is the most comfortable and usable of any he has tried. The fact that it is so easily adjustable is part of the genius of your invention. He can only tolerate a slight head tilt upward without pain and this device gives much more stability than a soft cervical collar, and way less lift than a Philadelphia collar (a torture device on him). Only a person with neck problems could have invented it, and we thank you so much for having done this – you have made life not only safer but more pleasant for him. The only thing I added was a little more padding on the top (taped memory foam around it); and the bottom was pressing on his collar bone, so we just slip a little piece of memory foam between the collar and his bone on the one side where it presses – no more pain. We are going to a family wedding in a few months and I will be putting a black men’s dress sock over the brace for this “dressy” occasion.

Again, Thank You For This Huge Contribution to my husband’s comfort and safety.

Thank You,
Susan and Emil

I just wanted to say thank you for this brace. I am 39 and have suffered from chronic neck pain for the last four years. I have had 3 surgeries in the last 3 years. I purchased your brace to help support my neck while I mow. I LOVE to mow and probably mow around 8 acres. I am on the lawn mower several hours at a time (which I couldn’t do before the brace). I am amazed at the support I get from the brace. Thanks to you I did not have to give up something that I love to do! If I can help you in any way please let me know.

Thank You,
Katie S.

My wife has ALS and her neck muscles are very weak. We ordered Shane’s Optimal Neck Support Brace because it was water proof and we needed something to help keep her head up while we wash her hair. This brace has worked very well

Thank You,
James B.

Just wanted to thank you for the neck brace. Bud wears it whenever he is traveling around in his wheelchair or in the car. It keeps his head completely erect and in an upright position comfortably. It’s also solved the perspiration problem. It’s so light and allows for good circulation. After trying several other products this is the best brace we’ve come across.

Thank You,
Ross Hanley

The brace is so light and comfortable for me. I use it when ever I’m in a car or in one of my wheel chairs. I showed it to the staff of my ALS clinic a couple of weeks ago and they loved it. Several PT’s came in to see it. Many copied the website address as well. So glad you posted your brace on the ALS forum.

Thank You,
Becky H.

Hi Shane!! So sorry it took me so long to respond back to you.  My clinic has been so busy as I am the only PT left supervising 2 PT assistants.  The neck collar worked amazingly and my client responded well to it.  Because my client has autism in addition to muscular dystrophy, he has difficulty with sensory changes but liked the buoyancy and support the neck collar provided and has worn it for two 45 minute feeding sessions and several lunch sessions without verbal resistance.  Below is a testimony from his speech therapist who was the provider that came to me initially regarding his recent difficulty with eating solid foods.   Thanks so much for everything!

“I most recently used the neck collar with a young boy diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and autism. Prior to using the collar, his head would be in a chin tuck while eating which made chewing and swallowing more difficult and put him at increased risk for aspiration. With the collar in place, his head is now in a neutral position which safely allows him to eat his favorite solid foods while at school and at home.”  Michelle Schow, CCC-SLP at Laurens Institute For Education

Michelle Schow, CCC-SLP
Laurens Institute For Education

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